Arye JacobsArye Jacobs started working with Micro-calligraphy as a way to relax. The only schooling in art was the pack of feltips/markers he received from his mother as a child, it was only in his 30’s that he realized and put his talents first to use. Copies of his first pieces were printed on regular card stock and given to friends and family, and have been enjoyed by the guests at his family Shabbos table.

His art work has since generated public interest and has been displayed at “Z Space Gallery of Fine Art” in Brooklyn NY.

Creation” was displayed in its Inaugural exhibition of works by Brooklyn Artists January 18th –March 22nd 2010, and now

Eichah” & “Shir HaShirim” in the Judaism Then & Now exhibition June 14th- July 16th 2010.


His artwork can also be found in fine Judaic stores such as Torah Treasures, and it enhances the ambiance at On the Grill in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn, Suzie’s Grill  in Houston Texas and other quality restaurants.



Suzies Grill Restaurant