AAJArt.com showcases Jewish art created by Arye Jacobs

AAJArt.com showcases Jewish art created by Arye Jacobs. The art was created using the ancient art of Microcaligraphy, also known as Micrography, it is minute script written into abstract patterns or formed into the shape of objects, animals, or human figures. The earliest known Hebrew micrographic texts date possibly from the late 9th century CE and were written by Jewish scribes. This uniquely Jewish art spread from the Middle East to the Far East and Europe, where it reached its height from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries; this tradition has been sustained by scribes and artists until the present day.


The uniqueness of micrography/micro calligraphy as a Jewish art form lies not only in its origins, but also in its continued existence. Handed down from one scribe to another, generation after generation, it spread from Eretz Yisrael (Israel) to the rest of the world. In Yemen, Hebrew micrography reached its zenith in the fifteenth century. Marginal masorah in Yemen was simple and geometric, and closely knit parallel lines, zigzags, and diagonals were popular designs. The textual material of Yemenite carpet was biblical, with Psalms as the favorite.


Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century’s, the mass production of micrographic prints allowed this ancient art form to reach a much broader Jewish audience. These prints encompassed a wide variety of themes; biblical portraits and vignettes as well as panoramas of the holy sites of Israel were especially popular. Famous rabbinic, political and literary personalities were also favored subjects; their micrographic portraits were exactingly rendered from the minute words and letters of their own books and poems.


It is appropriate that a culture that has long emphasized the significance of the Hebrew word would foster a distinctive transformation of script into a unique decorative art. To this day, the art of Hebrew micrography is still practiced and the metamorphosis of text into image remains an unbroken Jewish artistic tradition across the centuries.

The work created by Arye is done by the naked eye and is sold in its original size. Biblical passages and prayer are the focus of most of his creations which are all original ideas reflecting the Jewish Holidays and Biblical passages.